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The project is currently led by Christian Jaeger. I'm also on the and #functional-perl IRC channels on as "pflanze".

Please play with the examples and try to write some of your own, read the docs and tell us what's badly explained, and if you've got something that might be useful to add to the examples directory, it would be cool if you offer it. If the test suite fails or you found a bug, please tell us on the mailing list, or if you prefer submit an issue on Github. Documentation improvements are very welcome, as are general hints and ideas where to take the project or simply whether you liked it or what you liked and what you didn't. If you'd like something to be different, now is the best time to tell.

(Also, please point out errors in the use of the english language. All normal pages on the website are part of the functional-perl repository; you could also use the 'history' and 'edit' links at the top.)

See mailing list for the list and IRC details. Christian can be contacted privately here, too.